Diversity and inclusion are core to the way AECOM works and it has been particularly successful in building a diverse workforce through our international reputation. Ignazio Bellini moved to Dublin from AECOM’s New York office in June 2018 to take up a role as a Project Manager. John O’Regan, Director of AECOM Ireland, spoke to Ignazio and about why Dublin is increasingly appealing as a city for aspiring talent.

J: Why did you decide to move to Ireland?

I: “I came to Ireland a little bit by chance. However, what I have found and seen is a very lively environment. Dublin is a great city to live in and right now it’s certainly a very positive environment for people working in the construction industry. There are so many new developments happening – people are willing to invest in infrastructure developments, so I think this is going to continue to move fast and expand rapidly.”

J: Ireland’s talent pool has adapted very quickly to changes over the years through manufacturing, big tech, pharma and we’ve built a very adaptable workforce. With such a high level of FDI coming into the country with global companies like Amazon, Facebook and LinkedIn do you think that Ireland’s economy will continue to expand into the future

I: “From what I have seen, there’s a lot of investment from the private sector to develop buildings and business centres. I can tell there is a lot going on and many new projects keep appearing under our eyes. I am keen to see the public sector grow infrastructure developments at an increased pace.

J: Do you think that more people will continue to move to work in Ireland?

I:In terms of workforce, Ireland is really attracting a lot of talent from abroad, so I do not foresee that changing. One of the challenges though is that it might not be evident from the outside all that Ireland has to offer. However, when I moved here action is happening and attention is being given to growth. Within AECOM we have a ‘Freedom to Grow’ programme which is where people can pretty much work anywhere they want to as long as it works for their client and their team. This flexibility helps people in all roles and backgrounds.

I am keen to see the public sector grow infrastructure developments at an increased pace.