Routes to a resilient tomorrow


This year, our annual review examines the topic of resilience and how buildings and civil infrastructure can help meet increasingly unpredictable challenges and support sustainable growth across the island of Ireland.


Building a future-ready Ireland

Welcome to our 2021 Ireland Review. As a company, we are committed to the delivery of world-class buildings and infrastructure across the island of Ireland through innovation, best practice and collaboration.

Following on from last year’s review which considered how our industry can build the foundations of future growth, this year we are focusing on resilience, partly in response to the enormous challenges that we have faced over the past twelve months. Never before has the need for resilience strategies been more acute.

Now that we have surmounted many of the short-term hurdles that the pandemic originally presented, industry must remodel for agility if it is to be future-ready. Furthermore, the infrastructure we build needs to meet the increasingly unpredictable challenges of tomorrow. Fortunately, clear growth strategies show us the way, yet much still needs to be done, particularly around mitigating our industry’s contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

We hope that you enjoy this year's read. In addition to the content published here, we shall be adding further insights over the coming months. All the articles examine ways in which industry can play its part in helping Ireland achieve its sustainable growth goals. Together, we can build a more resilient future for construction in the island of Ireland.

Executive summary

What might a resilient island of Ireland look like? To answer this question, our building and infrastructure experts have spoken to clients and analysed key data, trends and issues to generate insights to help industry meet the strategic challenges ahead.

The island of Ireland has long suffered from sprawling cities and over-dependence on the private car. Transport planning experts Shane Dunny and Damien Lambert examine how a modernised rail network can reverse these trends by increasing capacity and frequency along existing networks to help steer growth in a new, compact and decarbonised direction.

The need for affordable housing is urgent, and this need will only increase as populations grow. In his article on how to accelerate delivery, John O’Regan examines ways to overcome planning delays, viability challenges and barriers to implementation.

Effective programme management – that embraces innovative methods, a collaborative approach and advocates for excellent data governance – is central to the delivery of the infrastructure mentioned above and can bring better outcomes, but only if there’s buy-in from all the people involved. Experts Derval Cummins and Colm Tully discuss ways to establish a common operating culture, without which digital tools and processes cannot be used to their full potential.

As always, in our industry spotlight commentary, we take stock of both Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland’s (ROI) economic and construction performance in 2020, predicting that in 2021, tender price inflation in NI will increase by 1-1.5 per cent and two per cent across ROI.

And finally, we will be adding further insights over the coming months on topics such as: examining the next generation of mental healthcare facilities; how green, active travel can be encouraged; and how we can build a secure and sustainable energy infrastructure that can truly meet future demand.

The journey towards a more resilient island of Ireland starts now.

Industry spotlight

We take stock of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland’s economic and construction performance in 2020, and what we can expect to see into 2021 and beyond.